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Bungalow Renovation

Bungalow renovation is a tough and complex task that requires lots of creative mindness and innovation. Till date, we have converted, renovated, altered and redesigned thousands of old looking bungalows into brand new buildings that speak for themselves. We have hired excellent crew of innovative architects, builders and construction experts that are always ready to take on your project and convert your old bungalow into a beautiful and brand new place to live in.

Benefits of Engaging With Us

Bungalow renovation is not a kids play and hiring a professional for this purpose comes with lots of handy benefits that include:

  • Cost effective renovation plan
  • Minimum time project completion
  • On-site surveys
  • Durable and long lasting construction
  • Affordable plans
  • Eco-friendly approach

Other than these key benefits, we offer our clients with a complete in depth survey of their property for free. Our expert survey teams are always ready to pay a visit at your bungalow and help you in creating a rough estimate of your desired renovation project. We are working here to set up a long lasting customer-company relationship with bricks of trust, customer satisfaction and guaranteed renovation works. Let’s have a look at our unique approach to bungalow renovation:

Detailed evaluation of property

We do not believe in words and promises unless made with great research. Before setting up on any contract, we evaluate client’s property by sending a complete team of architects and evaluation experts. In survey report, we notice a few important things of your bungalow like:

  • Existing condition of your bungalow
  • Estimated work required
  • Estimated cost of the work required
  • Possible renovation
  • Map of construction
  • Available space to begin work

Apart from these major things, we pay focus on minute yet important matters of renovation like color scheming, possible renovation phases and how much labor will be required for your renovation project. With the soul aim of customer satisfaction and ultimate honesty, we make sure that by the end of survey our client’s and we are at the same page. We set up every project with mutual understanding and agreement.

Design and planning

The second phase and very important phase of your bungalow renovation involves designing of new renovation ideas and planning of their construction. In this phase we are more concerned with setting up exact values of time, labor and costs. We create different floor plans to meet up the growing family demands and set up some unique angles of renovation for your new living place. Other things include:

  • Basic architecture work
  • Renovation areas survey
  • Floor plans
  • Exact time & cost


This is the most important and crucial phase in our bungalow remodeling projects. We pay strict focus and keep check on every single detail of the project in this phase. From checking quality of materials to controlling overall expenses, we make sure that job is done with 100% customer satisfaction. Our construction phase roughly involves:

  • Framing issues
  • Quality materials
  • Regular checkup of work
  • Smooth working drainage system
  • On site cleaning
  • After job cleaning

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