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Condo Renovation

Our condo renovation is a unique way to renewing your old looking condo by adding affordable and valuable artistic improvements. Our unique approach in renovation of existing properties helps our clients in increasing the overall value of their properties. We follow modern renovation standards to turn your old condo into a dream condo.

Unlimited Benefits

Working us for your condo renovation comes with lots of benefits. Let’s have a look at how we can help you with everything related to your condo:

  • Quality at affordable prices
  • Professional approach
  • On-site free survey
  • Construction & Design planning
  • Eco-friendly unique approach

Our condo renovation services are based on unique methods to not only improve conditions of your condo but also increase its value in the real estate market. Our professional and experienced condo experts can come up with millions of ideas to shape your old condo into a wonderful piece of modern art. Our work is based on ultimate sophistication, customer satisfaction and honesty. With use of quality approach, quality material and quality time, we can turn your condo into a dream place within days.

How Do We Work?

Our condo renovation services are divided into different phases. Let’s have a look at each of them:

Feasibility Phase

The initial phase in our condo renovation involves a detailed inspection of client’s property and making some rough ideas about how much investment would be required to restore the lost beauty. We also suggest a timeline of project completion and other ground realities about the property.

  • Estimate of costs
  • Current condition of condo
  • Improvements to be made
  • Construction planning & Strategies implementation

Design According to Client’s Requirements

The second phase of our condo renovation services involves deep research and study of what client is looking for and how far we are able to accomplish it. We are a company that works on ground realities. We always promise and commit for what we can deliver. We study every aspect of the project before starting with the project. This step involves focus on:

  • Floor plans
  • Possibilities of renovation
  • Legal documentation work
  • Material already used & to be used

Construction Phase

The final stage of turning your condo into a brand new modern condo in the area. In this phase our focus is upon use of quality materials and top quality construction parameters. We follow strict measures to check on quality of work and materials that are being used in construction process.

  • Available work area
  • Insulation issues
  • Drainage systems
  • Foundations of the condo
  • Clean up job

Finished Details

Finally, we try to complete within given time and with complete customer satisfaction. Before handing over the final project we inspect on our end and determine whether the job has been done up to committed standards or not.

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