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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring quite popular today, especially for garages and similar spaces. However, a significant challenge in epoxy flooring is getting it coated the right way and also maintaining it. Though you have many ‘do it yourself networks’ screaming aloud about techniques to do it yourself, we sincerely suggest that you should take professional assistance.

Not only does an experienced firm like ours help you in making the epoxy flooring neat and perfect, it will also ensure that overall longevity and quality of the flooring is much better and the return on your investment is significantly higher.

The Big Advantages Of Hiring Us

We provide a comprehensive service module that includes everything from epoxy flooring installation to maintenance of the flooring.

  • Tight Planning: Like all of our other renovation services, Epoxy flooring projects are undertaken with considerable amount of planning. We meticulously go through the details and ensure we personally go through every inch of floor space that needs to be covered and are well aware of the unique challenges posed by any of the corners if at all. Not only is it important from the perspective of fixing a budget and provisioning raw materials but also because this will ensure there is no wastage and proper utilization.

  • Budget: This is an extremely important aspect of our epoxy flooring projects. The overall floor space needs to be calculated with high precision, and our experienced staff will give exact calculations of the amount of epoxy flooring material required and how much expenses a homeowner would incur. This tight budgeting from the very beginning is useful both for the clients as well us as the homeowner gets a clear view of the exact expenses and how to work it around or they can even let us know if it exceeds their budget.

  • Deadline: This is another fundamental aspect. We do not commit deadlines which are not practical. It is extremely important for us to commit a realistic timeline to our clients and stick to it. We do understand that clients go through lots of adjustments to ensure that the flooring takes place without hiccups and make alternate arrangements for storing all the stuff which has to be relocated for facilitating the epoxy flooring. We do not believe in giving a deadline and constantly shifting it. This is strictly against our business ethics and service policies.

  • Maintenance: Not just installation of basic epoxy flooring but we also deal in maintenance of it. Most time we sign long-term contracts with our clients for maintenance of the epoxy flooring after the initial installation. This is particularly important as many times, incorrect maintenance will nullify all the expenses incurred in installing it.

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Therefore, do not waste any time, just give us a call or drop us an email with details and specifics of the epoxy flooring that you want. We assure you that we will get back with an offer you will find hard to reject.


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