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Home Renovation

Home Renovation

There are many aspects of home renovation. House extension is among the primary ones in that list. Often home owners have to make that crucial decision of moving to a bigger space or creating more space within the existing house. Lack of proper planning or random construction can not only mar the impact on your existing house, they might also not serve their ultimate end effectively.

Need For Professional Help

That is exactly the point where the services of a professional renovation company like ours comes into play and help you optimize the value of your existing property and yet ensure that the functional aspect of a home extension is never compromised. Additionally we take it up on ourselves to ensure that this extension conforms to all existing laws and norms.

Legal Formalities

Every locality or area has its own construction guidelines and we ensure that whatever extension project is undertaken follows all the legal formalities. We ensure to

  • Take the necessary permission
  • Follow the construction protocol
  • Abide by the locality’s unique aesthetics
  • Strive to plan an end product which does not jar with existing construction
  • Follow-up extension applications diligently to ensure speedy delivery

Getting Planning Permission

Your house plan is already done and dusted many moons ago and now with a planned extension, the need to revisit it arrives. As a professional renovation company we know it is one of the most daunting tasks in the whole process. We take it upon ourselves to

  • Ascertain if the planned extension needs additional permission at all
  • Go ahead with the entire application procedure on behalf of our clients
  • Sit with planning professionals to get the best alternatives in place
  • Assign architects to individual projects for better guidance and undivided attention

Consent from Neighbours

Being part of a society and building association necessitates that any extension work that you might consider should be in compliance with their thought and in no way becomes a matter of conflict or dispute for either party. We apprise our clients of the existing formalities and how their planned extension

  • Can alter the intrinsic character of a specific building, internally or externally
  • Potential encroachment of building space and negotiations
  • Demolishing a gate or a fence and its overall impact
  • Legal binding on the conservation and environmental issues
  • Possible disturbance for neighbors and how to deal with it

Environmental Obligation

We also try to use green materials and resources as much as possible for our construction initiatives. We make our customers understand and green and biodegradable construction materials.

  • Result in low greenhouse gas emission
  • Improve the environmental conditions in the neighbourhood
  • Cost effective and offer wide range
  • Helps bring in variation in look and feel of the extended property.

Waiting For Your Call

Therefore look no further, just go ahead and give us a call and we will ensure that your house extension is not just aesthetically implemented and adds value to your property and becomes lucrative in the real estate market.


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