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House Extension

House Extension

There could be many reasons for needing an extension to your existing house. Your decision can be guided by the need to create extra space or the fact that you want to reintroduce a fresh element in your day to day activity. Sometimes even the cost of moving into a new house, the related hassle and the legal obligations is so forbidding that improving your existing residence is a significantly attractive deal.

But are you confused how to go about it? Who to hire? Where to source the material from? Frankly we suggest that you hire a professional renovation firm like ours for your house extension. Not only does it cut out the hassle element completely but also given the resource pool at our disposal, execution of such projects become significantly streamlined while we handle it.

Advantages Of Hiring Us

Well, you might be wondering how exactly can a renovation firm like ours ease out the process of house extension? Imagine looking for an architect, the right contractor, addressing the legal hassles, overseeing the construction process, the time spent in ideating and imagine bringing it all to you in one platter within days of getting a call from you.

Legal Permission: House extension is often a tricky issue and can cause lots of conflict in a specific neighborhood. As one of the most successful and leading renovation firm, we take on the cudgels of negotiation on behalf of our clients. We speak to local authorities, neighborhood committees and the local bodies to ensure that the extension meets all required norms and does not violate any legal construction provisions.

In-depth Research: Our philosophy is any house extension should have a significant value addition aspect and meets the needs of the homeowners while keeping the overall building harmony intact. It is exactly for this reason we go for in-depth research in every project and ensure that the extension is aligned to the demands of the specific area, building and the family in particular.

Cost Aspect: The cost factor is always a major consideration for any house extension. Given the huge resource pool and the extensive networking that we have nurtured, the services offered by us is undeniably at a significant discount compared to peers or even a client’s handling it all alone. Our vendors give us the best available deals, and we believe in passing on the benefits to our clients.

Environmental Friendly: One of the key reasons for our success has been the unending endeavor to create environmentally friendly solutions and build houses that respect the environmental demands. We use environmentally friendly materials for house extension like low VOC paint, bamboo which is both durable yet less expensive and many such initiatives.

Go Ahead and Make a Call

So don’t delay any further. If you are planning a house extension, simply give us a call. We are available for help anytime. All you need to do is give us your specific needs, rest we will handle and hand over a finished product that you will fall in love.


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