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Major House Renovation

With over ten years of experience in renovation industry, we are offering top quality, unique and state of the art major house renovation services in your area. Our work ethics and unique design approach allow us to work on your site and change the old look of your house into a brand new Villa with lots of modern art features. Our renovation services are based on quality materials, honesty, perfection and customer satisfaction.

Unlimited Benefits

Hiring us for your house’s renovation project comes with lots of additional benefits. Unlike other firms, we strive hard to deliver results that are beyond your expectations. Some of the benefits are:

  • State of the art designing
  • Use of top quality materials
  • Unique design approach
  • Affordable renovation packages
  • Skilled force of renovation & construction experts

This is not it. Our ultimate goal is to increase the value of customer’s property by adding trending ideas and innovative renovation strategies to your home. We can simply change the view and looks of your house with our innovative major house renovation services. Let’s have a look at how we proceed with each project:

Feasibility Report

Our first and foremost job in renovating your old house is to take a visit and see what is the current condition of your house and what are your expectations and plans for renovation. Our experts will visit your house to take rough estimate of:

  • Current condition of your house
  • A rough estimate of costs & time
  • Areas that need to be renovated
  • Legal formalities & Provisions
  • Available area of work

This feasibility report allows us to get an insight into what client is looking for and how much work is actually required for the project. We also see what are the possibilities of renovation and how far we can take this project on converting your old house into a new one.

The Design Process

In this phase we try to come up with different design ideas for your new home renovation project. Our expert house renovation gurus recommend different new and innovative ideas for your house renovation. We also have a look at estimated costs and time frame for the completion of the project. We take a certain look at:

  • Materials that are used and to be used
  • Different design ideas
  • Costs of renovation & time frame
  • Application of strategies
  • Available work space

Construction Phase

The final phase of construction and renovation of your house is pretty critical. In this phase, we keep a strict check on the quality of materials that are being used in construction and renovation process.Our goal is to deliver maximum quality of results to our clients and that is why we only commit to what we can deliver. Our construction process includes:

  • Construction & renovation
  • Materials quality
  • Drainage systems cleaning
  • Major house renovation works
  • Foundations & other important matters
  • Clean up work

Finally the finished project will meet your requirements and expectations. We are continuously striving hard to deliver the best of our efforts and we will make sure you get what you have paid for.

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