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Wall Paper Installation

Wallpaper installation

Wall papers have been used for centuries to not just liven up your living space but also to introduce a sense of uniqueness to your house. When executed perfectly, wall papers are a sure way to grab attention and make a statement in your interior decoration aesthetics.

Given the widespread popularity of do it yourself kits and instruction guides, many homeowners try it out as a weekend project. However there is no certainty of the success of the outcome, especially if you are new to it or doing it for the first time in your house.

In contrast to this hiring a professional firm like ours not just help you get a better understanding of the various types of wall paper available and the kind of prep work required for your walls but also it means an assured execution in terms of finish, quality and overall wall paper installation.

The Key Highlights

Whenever We undertake a wall paper installation project there are some key areas that we focus on to bring about the most striking and lasting impression in terms of both finishing and quality of work that we do in measuring, matching, cutting and pasting the wall paper.

Types Of Wall Paper: This is a very important consideration. Whether we choose the vinyl ones or the embossed papers or even the textile finish types, our choice of wall paper is intrinsically linked to your aesthetic preference and the overall design requirements of your room. It is not always necessary to go for the most expensive wall paper to get the right look but it is important to get the right texture to help the wall paper seamlessly merge with the overall decoration of the room.

Amount Of Paper Required: We do not believe in wastage and value your money that needs to be spent for the wall paper installation. That is exactly the reason why our staff members go into great length to measure up and get an accurate estimate of the amount of wall paper required to cover the walls that you would have specified. From buying the right number of wall papers rolls to cutting them efficiently in a way that optimizes the area covered by each roll, we value every cent that you spend towards wall paper installation. That is why we assign a special team to make these calculations.

Preparing the Wall: Our firm focuses primarily on the benefits of achieving quality work through well-organized and minutely executed prep work. Let’s face it, the ultimate finish that you get is deeply dependent on the preparatory work that you put into making the walls suitable for pasting the wall paper and there are no shortcuts to it. Focused and extensive work in this area is the only way to achieve it.

Hiring Our Services

If you are interested in hiring our services for wall paper installation at your residence or office space, just give us a call. We assure handling the rest and giving you the best service and quote.


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